Most Useful Android Applications

Android Apps

In today’s world, there is an app for everything. However, when you go online and search for what you need, you get bombarded with thousands of apps that do what you need to be done. The average person would just download the first thing that popped up.


If that were not what he or she was looking for they would try another, but you are not here because you want the average results, but the best ones. Here are the most useful android apps on the market:

  1. Google opinion rewards app

Many people need an app to make some cash on their spare time. There are tons of apps that will try and do this, but the Google opinions reward app is the best one by far. If you need quick and free cash while you got a couple of minutes to spare every day, try it out.

  1. Clean Master

Phones today have to log a ton of things when they go online. That is all fine until your phone starts slowing down from all the unnecessary files that get stored in your memory. If you want to remove those files safely, download clean master and run it at least once a week to keep your phone in perfect working condition.

  1. Wi-Fi mapper

unnamedIf you go out and find yourself without the ability to use your phone’s internet, then you will have to rely on the Wi-Fi in your vicinity. The Wi-Fi mapper is the best app that can get your access to many wifi hotspots around you. It shares information from all users once they log in a public place Wi-Fi. Everyone that has this app can essentially have the password from the locations other users visited. It’s a very useful app if you go abroad.

  1. WhatsApp and Viber

The world of free messages is still not present from your cell service providers. Lucky for us that there are apps that can make this possible between its users. If you and your friend both have these apps, you can message each other for free as long as you have an internet connection.

  1. Shazam

Have you ever been in a bar and heard a song only to go back home and never find it again in your life? Then this app is perfect for you and people like you. If you ever listened to a song and you don’t know which artist made it or the name of the song.


Just download this app and place it close to the speakers while the song is playing, so it can recognize the song and list it for you. It can also create personal lists so you can save all the content you discover.

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