Technology And Where It Is Going


The technology of today is a vast subject that can’t be summarized in a few short words. The progress of technology has been so rapid that anything that we as humans create today will be obsolete or replaced by a newer version in under a decade. Some of these discoveries have been good, and some have not been so good, but in general the way we as a race are progressing is all thanks to the technological advancements we have made.

The goals of technology today

The biggest obstacles that we have to face in today’s world is the energy crisis. We have been using fossil fuels for many years, and now we have seen how our use of those materials have affected the planet. As we are trying to move away from the conventional use of that energy source we rely on technology to lead us to an alternative source which is the renewable energy. The solar energy movement has been on the rise and not far behind is the wind power way.


The Wind method has grown in a slower way due to high winds not being present in the whole world, but the sun’s rays can be exploited over the entire world. Additionally, we have started to move away from the use of oil when it comes to powering our cars.

The new electrical cars have begun to grab a foothold in the auto industry, and they will only continue to increase in the future. If we keep on this path and we ultimately move away from the energy sources that have poisoned our planet we can only be thankful for our technological advancement.

Technology and Us

Technology has also affected us and how our daily lives function. The normal day of an average hard working person started totally different not just over 100 years ago. Then many people worked in hard laboring jobs with thousands of workers manning the machines around them.


Today all those workers have been replaced with more machines, and the average person works over the computer in a small office instead of a big factory. Many people also have jobs that they work from home just because the technology has changed jobs so much that people can perform those tasks from their homes using their computers.

The future

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we can be sure that whatever we discover today we will replace and find it obsolete in just a few years. That is just the way, and pace technology has been moving.

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