Could You Survive Without Technology?


When we take a look around, we will surely notice that a lot of the things that surround us can be classified as technology. Not just electronic devices, such as our TV sets, computers or microwaves, but also our cars, houses, and even roads, water lines, power lines, and so on. Virtually everything in our proximity is derived from our creative minds, and therefore – it can be called a human invention.

All human creations and devices together make what we call technology, and we are continuously working on improving the overall technological readiness of our society.

How Technology Affects Our Daily Lives

Aside from being a global phenomenon, technological progress affects our daily lives as well. What this exactly means is that our daily chores and tasks are made significantly easier with the help of various gadgets and gizmos. These devices are present in almost any areas of human activity, and their primary function is to make our lives more efficient and more comfortable. From smartphones to electric shavers, gadgets and small electronic devices are all around us, and it is evident that we are growing more and more dependent on these little helpers.


Similarly, technology plays a vital role in communication and transportation, and we all use Internet all day, and we ride around in our cars, buses or trains. Without these products of technological progress, our lives would be significantly complicated, and we would have to face the same challenges that our ancestors had to face a few centuries back.

Future Without Technology

Security TechnologySeveral famous Hollywood movies have portrayed the world in which machines and robots would overrun the human population, and these catastrophic scenarios could provide us with an interesting food for thought. However, the world in which there is no technology can be equally frightening and intimidating, and this version would also impose tremendous difficulties on the human race. We are so used to having modern appliances and machines at our disposal that we have forgotten some fundamental techniques and methods for surviving in the wild, and this would probably be disastrous for the half of the overall human population on the planet.

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