Microsoft Office Packages

Microsoft Office Packages

Microsoft Office is the office suite developed by Microsoft, and it is one of the most used programs in the business world today. The office package includes a few different types of software that include Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, and Access.

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All of these software programs are used in different situations, but they are one of the best office suites you can get. We will list the top three of them and what they are used for so you know what you might need for your task.

  1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a software word processor for Windows or MacOS. It debuted in 1983 and since then has been the standard program for .doc and .docx files. If you need any work completed that includes text and if that text needs formatting, bolding, and other functions that involve making the text more presentable, this is the program that you want to use.

Microsoft Word is also one of the easiest programs to learn from the office packages.

  1. Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet software program that deals with numbers and data in tabular form. The program rolled out in 1985 just two years behind Word and since then has been used for many tabular forms of presentations and basic mathematical functions. If you have to make a spreadsheet with lots of data that needs to be added together this is the perfect program for you.

  1. PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software program for both Windows and MacOS. If you need any tasks done in the simple slide show presentation, this is the program for you. Powerpoint is known for its ability to create slideshows that include graphic images, texts and other objects that need to be added.


Microsoft office packages have many more options and software programs that are used in day-to-day operations by millions of people. Some include working with servers and some include working with simple texts, but one thing is sure, that Microsoft Office packages are the best programs you can find for any task that you might need to do.

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