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iOS 9 is as the name suggest the ninth release of the mobile operating system by Apple Inc. The announcement that it would succeed the iOS8 was made on the 8th of June in 2015. Its release followed 3 months after on the 16th of September 2015.

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The iOS9 was well received with the iPhone users as it brought much ease of use, security and app updates.

The major ones were:

-updates on the battery life

The new iOS9 came with two new battery live saving updates which included the low power profile mode and the face down saving power mode. The first one would power off push notifications and updates when the phone had 20 {f2525ddd631f3729e5bce6de6ea5d7a8eb7acececd4a59458bee8cf7b527f1ab} battery left. And the second one would turn off the screen and all notifications if the phone was placed upside down.

-Security updates

The new iOS9 now had a 6-digit default code instead of the previous 4

-Performance updates

Many new small updates including the update to MetalApi.

-The proactivity update

The Siri app and search function got many new ease-of-use updates where you could now integrate your search and requests from Siri in your calendar and many apps. The search bar also looked smoother and provided faster search results.

-Updates on multitasking

The Multitasking in iOS9 got reworked and added many new features that include options like Slide Over, Splitting the Screen, and Picture in Picture modes.

-Night shift mode was enabled

The phones also got many updates on the location and time depending on the location of the phones. Including the option to allow the night mode which would, in turn, make the display look more pleasant to the eye at night. The mode could be turned off, or set to manually turn on at the desired time. If the mode was not modified, it would turn on at a particular time depending on the time the sun would set at the location of the user.


IOS9 brought many updates that were badly needed to the community. With the ease of use and quality updates that were later replaced by the iOS10, the iOS9 was remembered in a positive light with its users.

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