Choosing The Best Coffee Machine – What To Know Before Buying?

Choosing The Best Coffee Machine – What To Know Before Buying?

If you are one of those people that is trying to pick the beste koffiemachine, then you must read our article! As the experienced barista professionals, we decided to help you in the process of choosing the best coffee machine. For a start, there are espresso machines, pod makers, drip makers and a few other types, though those are the most popular.

To reach all these at the same time, we will give you some general guidelines you should look for when shopping for a new appliance.

Look for a programmable timer

Since you are buying an appliance, invest a few more bucks to get the model that has a programmable timer. The programmable times come in handy when you want to have your coffee ready, especially if you know your exact time of arrival.

Woman And Coffee Machine

Woman Making Coffee On Coffee Machine

Or, if you are a person that drinks coffee first thing in the morning, you can set the timer to make it in the morning, at the exact time. Yes, these cost a bit more, but these are a great investment as you can make your coffee ready at the exact time!

Thermal carafe or hot plate

There is nothing worse than a cold coffee. Instead of heating it up or making a new one, the thermal carafe of hot plates allow your coffee to stay warm for several hours. The drip coffee machines use these plates to keep the beverage hot for hours.

However, the main downside is that these are made of metal which means you will not be able to see the amount of coffee that is left. Still, if you like to have coffee warm for hours, always look for the thermal carafe or hot plate.

Filter for water

The best coffee is made when the water is filtered. Of course, as you can assume, the models that have this pre-built are much more expensive than the ones that do not have these or come separated. Instead of pouring filter through the filter first, these allow you to pour it directly into the reservoir as the filter is built inside.

Choosing Best Coffee Machine

New Coffee Machine

Every time the coffee is made, water comes through the filter and removes any unwanted minerals or particles. Of course, it is no bi deal if your machine does not have one, but the quality of the beverage is evident when made using the pre-built filter.

Milk frothing

Should you plan to make cappuccinos or beverages with milk, you do not want to buy a model that has no option for milk frothing. All beverages that contain milk require a good frothing process so the texture of milk is not foamed but rather smooth creamy-like.

While the automated frothing features save a significant amount of time, it is almost impossible to reach that level of the structure unless you have a manual frothing. For this reason, look for the appliances that have frothing spout that is easily removed since you will want to clean it regularly to remove any possibility for bacteria growth.

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