Best Android Map Apps


Most of the people that use Android phones, when they need to use an app for navigation they use google maps. However, there are much more amazing programs than just google maps. Additionally, if you don’t like the way google maps works we have some good alternatives that will help you not get lost.

  1. Maps.Me

This is one of those amazing free apps that you can use even in offline mode. The app is easy to use, the navigation and layout is made so everyone can get familiar with it fast and the option to have it functioning as map app in offline mode makes it a must have for people that don’t want to stress their limited data MB.

  1. Locus Maps

This app is another amazing addition to the free navigation apps on the Android maker. It also functions in offline mode if you wish it to be, and has an amazing ability to overlay one map in semi-transparent mode over another. If you like to hike or ride a bike outside of town, this is a good app to have on your device.

  1. BackCountry Navigator GPS Pro

BackCountry Navigator is an amazing app, but it comes at the cost of 9.99$. The unique features of this app is that it offers amazing off-road location capabilities. You can enter your coordinates like latitude and longitude, and it will find you on the map and show surrounding areas.

BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS v5.2.7 Full APK-789888

It also works in offline mode and it’s a perfect GPS tool for activities like hunting, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing and others.

  1. Google maps

The best is saved for last. Google Maps is the app that gets constant updates and lots of attention when it comes to accuracy. The app alone has the whole world mapped out, so even obscure streets in distant countries will be mapped to perfection.

Highly recommended app for people that travel abroad a lot.


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