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Devoted 2 Vintage : Vintage T-shirts and Retro T-shirts

Date Added: May 07, 2009 06:06:39 PM
Author: Admin

You only have to take a trip down any high street to see that they are bursting with T-shirts that have been distressed or aged to give them a vintage feel. This is the same for both men’s and women’s fashion T-shirts and in many cases, cost in excess of twenty pounds. This does beg the question however, why buy a vintage look T-shirt when you can buy a genuine vintage T-shirt for less.

Vintage T-shirts are available in every colour under the sun and with logos and slogans  so varied, you will never be stuck for something different to wear. In  fact, the only real limitation with a vintage T-shirt is your  imagination. Why settle for a T-shirt that everyone else has when you  can set yourself aside from the crowd and wear something that is likely  to make an individual statement. After all, when sporting a vintage  T-shirt the chances of you bumping into someone wearing the same are  greatly reduced.

Although purely down to personal preference, the ‘look’ at the  moment veers towards slim fitting items. With many T-shirt designs  being from the seventies, this slim fit nature is carried through.  Obviously, fashion tastes do vary; therefore, not everyone will want a  skinny-fit shirt. In such cases, various other styles may be available  to remedy this.

There is of course, an altogether different kind of person who may buy a retro T-shirt.  Many vintage items including T-shirts have become highly sought after  leading to collectors snapping them up to. People’s tastes in  collectables are just like fashion and differ from person to person.  Vintage T-shirts bought by collectors may be stored away for their own  private pleasure or perhaps even displayed as art.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a vintage T-shirt, you will need  to find somewhere to buy it from. Rather than spending a lot of time  trying various different places why not let someone else do all the  hard work for you. This is where a vintage clothes specialist comes in  handy. What a vintage clothes shop can offer is not only a wealth of  knowledge on the subject, i.e. what to look out for and which items are  best, but they will be constantly be on the look out for new, exciting  additions.

This of course is great for both the collector and the fashion  lover. A perpetual stream of new items for you to own is likely to put  a smile on your face as you sport that latest addition to your retro  wardrobe. On top of this, finding a vintage clothes shop that can  deliver the goods is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, it’s  an absolute breeze. All you have to do is type and you will be transported to a bazaar filled with not only the cream  of the crop of the vintage T-shirt world but so much more besides.

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